Communication provides a framework for effective engagement with all our stakeholders using many internal and external mechanisms with the overall purpose of providing them with the right information that best suits them.


Engagement allows us to listen, learn, write & talk about what we do both internally and externally.


We use our internal newsletter to inform our staff about what their colleagues are doing, new training courses, and policies that affect their work. We communicate with our operational staff on a daily basis to ensure they have everything they need to provide clients with the service they have signed up to.  These would include team meetings that would allow us to listen to feedback from staff.  We communicate with our external stakeholders through the media, this website, at key industry events or using varying forms (printed & digital) of newsletter.

In addition, our focus this year will be on listening and harnessing the feedback we receive from patient and staff surveys to ensure that we acknowledge and apply the information we have received.

All of our communication mechanisms are geared to do one thing – engage with people to provide them with the tools to be able to offer patients the best possible service.

If you can’t find everything you are looking for please email us at communications@medicalservicesuk.com.

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